Shared Services Enablement

Our Shared Services Enablement offering helps companies achieve operational efficiencies through shared services - capitalizing on standardization, leveraging ERP & other niche technology, realizing workforce efficiencies, and operating as business/service to groups within the company.  Our services include:
  • Assess and discuss opportunities for shared services in finance, HR, IT, and other functions
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for developing shared services
  • Lead operating model design workshops with key stakeholders
  • Incorporate leading practices in the overall shared services operating model design
  • Evaluate and apply enabling technology to automate processes & achieve efficiencies
  • Design a new organization to align with the end-state operating model
  • Identify operating model performance measurements
  • Develop service level agreements between the shared services entity and the businesses
  • Develop a change management program including communications, training, and  organizational enablement
  • Develop communications and training content
  • Plan, prepare, and coordinate the transition to shared services
  • Work with shared service and business leaders to refine & optimize the shared services model
  • Manage internal and external stakeholder expectations
  • Prepare executive statuses

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